Evaluating the Potential Financial Impact of AssistEdge RPA on Royal Philips

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) delivers tremendous value to enterprises aiming for efficiency and quality in providing end-user services. Automation has demonstrated its worth across many businesses use cases, including HR and customer service. Let’s look at the financial impact of RPA software, AssistEdge RPA, on a global leader of healthcare technology.

What is RPA?

In simple words, RPA is a software solution comprising robots programmed to automate manual, repetitive, and error-prone tasks across all business applications. Hence, the name – Robotic Process Automation.

EdgeVerve’s AssistEdge RPA is one such software that helped its client, Royal Philips, reap the benefits of an automated solution by deploying RPA tools across important business cases.

This article will explore the impact of Royal Philips’ RPA journey with the EdgeVerve AssistEdge RPA Platform. The core objective of this article is to help readers quickly evaluate the financial benefit of automation and robotics on businesses when implemented wisely and accurately.

Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) Study of AssistEdge RPA for Royal Philips

Royal Philips is a global leader of healthcare technology headquartered in Europe. It manages finance operations through Infosys BPM, employing 1,200 Infosys employees across finance processes. Royal Philips wanted a seamless solution to eliminate, simplify, standardize, and automate finance operations.

The client collaborated with Infosys BPM to deploy 550 EdgeVerve AssistEdge bots over a three-year implementation.

Objectives of Robotic Process Automation Deployment

Royal Philips chose RPA to realize the following objectives:

The Outcome of RPA Deployment

After a successful deployment of AssistEdge RPA, Royal Philips witnessed both quantified and unquantified benefits, a few of which are underlined below:

The case study of Royal Philips serves as an eye-opener for enterprises looking for a speedy automation solution. RPA is the answer for all of their present problems. Let’s understand how RPA helps businesses optimize processes to cut costs and elevate profits seamlessly.

Enabling Automation Across Various Finance Use Cases for Royal Philips

Other Benefits Include:

The Bottomline

By deploying RPA in various business cases, organizations can reduce the wastage of productive hours and per hour cost of hiring resources. They can also better optimize the existing resources for more value-added services.

This translates into increased productivity and higher revenue per year.

Through AssistEdge RPA, EdgeVerve’s cohesive automation platform, Royal Philips was able to gain an ROI of 110%.