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Why TradeEdge?

Learn why organizations across the globe trust TradeEdge to gain insights across the demand value chain, add new distributors, improve retail execution and reach new markets faster.

Maximize Visibility. Amplify Reach. Minimize Cost.

Winning in the Global Markets

Market Connect

Enabling timely, accurate insights and visibility into sales, order, and inventory data through a robust data pipe.

Self-service Ordering

Expand market coverage without adding to the distributor sales force. Ensure more retail outlets carry your brands.

Data Harmonization

Contextualize external business data and make it insight-ready by leveraging AI/ML.

Distributor Management System

Bridge the sales visibility gaps in the manufacturers’ value chain through an intuitive and highly configurable ERP solution.

Market Pulse

Get on-time, actionable insights that enables data driven business decisions to accelerate customer and market reach.

Promotion Effectiveness

Deliver accurate analysis across multiple metrics by measuring and fully understanding the effectiveness of trade promotions. Drive insights out of complex and disparate point-of-sale data.

Key benefits

Emerging Market Revenue
Influenced in 90+ Countries

Improvements in
Case-fill rates

Reduction in
Manual Order touches

Reduction in
Non-Productive Inventory


Mondelez improves its
employee productivity by 70%.

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