In 2018, there have been 703 food product recalls1, for various reasons, in the US alone — that’s almost two a day! More recently, a multi-national F&B conglomerate issued a major recall of its cookie dough, after rubber was found in some items2. Everything from ground beef3 to fresh avocados4 have had massive recalls issued at one point or another, millions of products recalled costing enterprises hundreds of millions of dollars.

Product Traceability

Traceability of stock movement across geographies is a daunting task, even with the best of tools at their disposal. The ability to establish a Hold-and-Release, that can help locate a specific batch of products in a complex partner ecosystem, within a matter of hours, would be a huge game changer for any company.

Product Traceability offers enterprises a scalable ERP-agnostic solution that connects with both legacy and modern systems of records across the supply chain. It enables enterprises to stay in control of the inventory movement by tracking and tracing products in near real time.

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Tenets of Product Traceability

Seamless ingestion of data from varied sources and myriad formats

Shorter response time

Unified repository of data

Decoupling ERP from hold-and-release process

Key Solution Components

TradeEdge Market Connect

For ingestion of data coming from multiple channels and varied ERPs (via APIs, Emails, Files etc.) on a near real time basis

Data and analytics platform

For managing parent-child hierarchical relationships in inventory data

Compliance reporting dashboard

with integrated hold-and-release benchmarks

Partner ecosystem governance 

with partner compliance services and program governance dashboard

Key Features of our Product Traceability Solution

  • A simple selectable traceability view that complies and supports global standards across industries

  • End-to-end view of the hold-and-release process

  • ERP-agnostic solution with asynchronous integration, irrespective of WMS and other systems

  • Automated hold creation and parent-child relationship display

  • Multiple and sequential hold management

  • Pre-configured mapping templates, reusable rules and configurations for faster time-to-market

  • Cohesive AI/ML-powered data lake for single source of truth

  • Data harmonization and transformation of disparate data from multiple sources

  • Cloud-enabled global scalability

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