RPA in Telecom

Getting Automation Right in Telecom

The rise in IoT and reimagined digital technologies has created new business models in telecommunication. However, telecommunication enterprises are still facing challenges handling high-volume repetitive, operations, hampering customer experience and slowing down the path to innovation. Automation and AI can be a transformative force in redefining the telecommunications industry to be more responsive and agile and deliver solutions and services like never before.

AssistEdge is an enterprise-grade automation platform with a solid foundation in scalability, security, intelligence, and innovation. AssistEdge works with leading telecom companies across the globe to deliver transformational impact across diverse operations and business lines.

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The Telecom Value Chain

The Telecom Value Chain

Potential Automation Use Cases in Telecom

Potential Automation Cases Telecom

How are leading Telcos benefitting from AssistEdge?


8% ↑ in NPS

A large US Telco was facing challenges in customer service.AssistEdge helped reduce the query handling time by 70%, leading to increased NPS.


98% First Touch Resolution

With 360-degree customer view and single unified view for order management AssistEdge helped a Networking Major enhance customer experience.


30% ↓ in return calls

Helped a NZ based Telco to automate Contact Center operations to achieve significant reduction in return calls for unresolved queries.


55% ↓ in AHT

The wholesale division of a large UK based Telco had a tedious order creation process. With AssistEdge, the handling time for queries reduced significantly.


$2.5 in Annual Saving

A leading UK Telco, made huge savings with automated order handling process, increasing the average productivity per agent by 20%.


20% ↑ in Productivity

A UK based Telco had 15+ applications integrated with one click automation, leading to higher Agent productivity.

How AssistEdge Engage helped the world’s top communications company transform operations to reduce AHT by 40%

Our client, one of the oldest communications companies and a leader in communication services, headquartered in London, and operating in nearly 180 countries. The company provides fixed-line, broadband, mobile, pay-TV, and enterprise IT services, and sees exceptional customer experience as the key to its transformation to a modern network provider.

The client was looking to increase efficiency in a bid to scale its business operations. Searching for information on multiple apps during a customer conversation over chat or the phone led to poor customer experience and increased dependence on experienced agents.

With AssistEdge Engage

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