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Accelerating success through partnerships

Synergy, EdgeVerve’s Partner Program is a collaborative endeavor to build and nurture relationships with industry leaders who are passionate about uncovering opportunities and solving problems for customers worldwide.

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This partner program is a joint commitment between our partners and us to provide our customers comprehensive solutions with our Automation and AI offerings.

Our partners are an integral part of EdgeVerve’s Go-To-Market and customer success strategy. We believe in quality, hence we focus on a limited number of partners and strive towards enabling them and investing in making them highly successful for themselves and for our customers.

We deeply value our partners’ knowledge of their client ecosystems and their desire to drive client success in revenue growth and cost optimization. Our goals are convergent – we want to accelerate your success in your mission to make our common customers successful.

Your commitment will be ours. We will continue to strive to bring the best-of-class capabilities, proven set of tools, processes, resources to engage with, enable and support you in order to discover opportunities, successfully implement apt solutions and support them.

Our Automation product, AssistEdge is a leading automation solution and is helping drive efficiency and delivering concrete business value for enterprises by automating more than 10,000+ processes across 50+ countries.

Infosys Nia™, a comprehensive AI platform that harnesses the power of AI & Machine Learning technologies is the platform of choice to disrupt, optimize and automate key processes that drive our clients’ business.

With these high-end technological capabilities and the commitment towards customer success, together we can help our customers meet their digital transformational goals.


Partner Program

Together we will significantly transform the industry with artificial intelligence and automation



Consulting & SI Partners

We invite transformational leaders that understand their respective industry and are passionate about finding opportunities and solving problems for their customers.


Technology Partners

We invite technology partners that are zealous in synergizing the best of technology with our products to deliver 100X value generation to our customers.


Enablement Partners

We invite training and certification partners that have a proven track record of imparting technology education through new and effective mediums.Innovation Centre

Our Partners