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Synergy, EdgeVerve’s Partner Program, is a joint commitment between ourselves and our partners to provide comprehensive solutions with our Purposeful AI and automation offerings. It is a collaborative endeavor to build and nurture relationships with industry leaders, who are keen on uncovering opportunities and solving problems for customers worldwide. We deeply value our partners’ knowledge of their client ecosystems and their desire to drive client success in revenue growth and cost optimization. In addition, our partner program is built to support various partner categories and you can play the role of Deal Referrer, Reseller, Implementation Partner and Technology Solution Partner.

Supporting digital initiatives for building an intelligent enterprise

Discover automation opportunities rapidly, accurately and non-intrusively


Automate business processes using unattended/ attended/cognitive bots; Manage and scale these bots


Deliver end to end AI programs using Data, Knowledge and ML platforms


Automate data science workflow using ML algorithms


Solve typical business problems through AI powered plug & play applications

Why Choose Synergy?

Synergy aims to promote a vibrant community of organizations, passionate about elevating customer value and exponentially driving profitable growth for our Partner community. As a Synergy partner, you will have the opportunity to significantly extend your market share, expand and build your commercial and technical eco-system as well as gain access to EdgeVerve’s award-winning product portfolio. This is achieved through our commitment to the following guiding principles:

Customer success

Keep customer success
at the core



Focus on collaborative
endeavor to build and
nurture relationships




Ensure trust throughout
the journey



Strive for agility
in interactions

EdgeVerve Portfolio

AssistEdge Logo

AssistEdge is a cohesive automation platform that offers enterprises a comprehensive suite of products enabling them to drive initiatives around process discovery, intelligent automation, and digital workforce orchestration. It brings to life the vision of building a connected enterprise, enabling businesses unlock new possibilities by unleashing the power of the future workforce.

XtractEdge is a comprehensive suite of Document AI platform & products that enable enterprises to extract actionable insights from a wide variety of enterprise documents, contracts, and legal agreements. It helps enterprises unlock new possibilities by transforming documents into insights.

XtractEdge Logo
TradeEdge Logo

TradeEdge is a cloud-based solution that enables brands gain maximum channel visibility, add new channel partners, improve retail execution and reach new markets faster. It helps enterprises unlock new possibilities by harnessing the power of value networks.

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A program built to support every partner





Synergy’s Multifold Benefits

One-stop partner for Automation and AI capabilities

Highly scalable and enterprise grade Intelligent Automation and AI platforms

Ability to build joint solutions and derive 9x revenue

Drive business outcomes and customer success

Attention and commitment for your success

Customer Testimonials

“EdgeVerve brings powerful processing to our platform with a solution that is already a leading product in the global RPA market. Where most providers utilize RPA in place of API to patch a broken and inefficient process, EdgeVerve delivers critical business functions such as massive document validation, which automates supplier management, and accelerates manual processes through digital transformation. The XtractEdge AI platform collaboration with the JAGGAER ONE platform delivers sophisticated and industry leading automation to resource intensive functions.”

– Zia Zahiri, CTO of JAGGAER

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