Customer Success Stories

Customer Success Stories

XtractEdge Contract Analysis for Legal helps increase 10X productivity of procurement team by automated processing of historic and continuous load of contracts.

XtractEdge Platform helped our client extract data @15K digital forms per hour with >90% accuracy, review and approve 25K+ applications accelerating loan processing for PPP SBA loans.

XtractEdge Contract Analysis for Legal helps our client achieve over 90% cost savings by automated contracts review, risk scoring, and summarizing contracts.

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XtractEdge Solutions

XtractEdge Solutions

Explore our solutions to automate your operations and unlock intelligence from any enterprise document.

KYC and Customer Onboarding for BFSI

AI-enabled classification, capture, and processing of documents required for KYC validation and accelerated customer onboarding.

LIBOR Transition Solution

Automated contract review and repapering to ensure a smoother LIBOR transition for financial services organizations. Identify parties, risks, clauses, trigger events, fallback language, and LIBOR exposure to take necessary remediation action.

AI-powered Claims and EoB Processing

Classification and extraction of unstructured data in emails, claim forms, carrier custom forms, explanation of benefits (EoB), and supplementary documents with high accuracy.

Accelerated Invoice Processing

Automated capture and extraction of invoices having high template and layout variance. Free up invoice processing time by thousands of hours.

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