Energy is Orange. What’s your color?

At EdgeVerve, we define, develop and license innovative software products and cloud-hosted business platforms.

Oops – what’s that?

With EdgeVerve, you will get to manage the life cycle of a product – from start to finish. You will play a pivotal role in driving product strategies, business cases and road maps. These offerings are focused on how to drive revenue growth, cost effectiveness, and profitability for our global clients and their ecosystems across the world.

You will concentrate on delivering significant innovations in areas like digital marketing, digital commerce, distributive trade, micro-commerce, digital consumer experience, and enterprise buying.

We already have a highly enthusiastic team which leverages cutting-edge technologies and outcome-based business models to innovate and solve some of the most significant and complex business challenges for our clients. Our business strategy is focused on developing and commercializing software products and platforms to become the performance benchmark in our key markets.

Are you game?

Color yourself Orange.

Leaders speak

Leaders Speak

Meet your peers

Meet Your Peers

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