Unlock the Potential of RPA in Insurance

The insurance industry is undergoing a shift with the rise of insurtech, increasing customer expectations, surging price-based competition and stringent regulatory compliance. It has become imperative for insurance players to leverage intelligent automation to be agile and innovative in order to service customer needs quickly and contextually.

AssistEdge is an enterprise-grade automation platform with a solid foundation in scalability, security, intelligence, and innovation. AssistEdge works with leading insurance leaders across the globe to deliver transformational and differentiated impact across the insurance value chain.

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The Insurance Value Chain

The Insurance Value Chain

Potential Automation Use Cases in Insurance

Potential Automation Cases Insurance

How Leading Insurance Players are Benefitting from AssistEdge


15% ↓ in TAT

Improved the TAT for Customer request across 10 high frequency processes for a leading Australian insurer.


98% Accuracy

Achieved 95% accuracy for claims processing by transformed entire customer experience through a highly efficiency & automated systems.


60% ↓ in AHT

Helped dial down the AHT, and achieved 100% SLA compliance in claim settlements for a Fortune 500 healthcare insurance company.


40% ↑ in Productivity

Enabled an increase in productivity by automating a complex insurance claims process for a major US based insurance company.

Annual savings

$2.5mn in Annual Saving

Enabled an estimated $2.5 million in saving by automating the customer contact center experience for a large US insurer with 5000 agents.


30% ↓ in Response Time

Helped reduce the response time on customer emails and enhanced agent productivity by effective automation of email management system.

How Leading US Insurance Company Leveraged AssistEdge for Ticket & Claim Management Saving $6 Million Annually

Our client, a large US-based healthcare insurance company servicing about 39 million people dealing with a wide range of services spread across health insurance plans and services. However, the processes followed were complex needing heavy manual intervention across claim processing, ticket processing and business operations. Process inefficiencies and dropping customer satisfaction was creating impediments to achieving scale with regards to servicing customer requests.

AssistEdge Automation

Benefits Delivered

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