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Why Assistedge Discover ?

Unlock the true value of Automation

It is a non-intrusive product that leverages user key strokes and sophisticated neural network algorithms to create insightful business process maps. Using empirical data, AssistEdge Discover reveals crucial process nuances essential to create an effective automation blueprint. It helps navigate across the automation journey by creating the business process value proposition, validating it and helping realize the full automation blueprint.

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How Assistedge Discover works ?

Accelerated Process Discovery

Reduce the manual effort of identifying large scale processes and all potential variations.

Amplify Automation Value

Leverage an AI – RPA integrated approach to maximize business process outcome.

Accurate Automation Blueprint

Successfully automate with transparent, bias -free and comprehensive process mapping.

Predictable Process Outcomes

Avoid potenitial errors and pitfalls when automating through smarter exception handling.

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Struggling to work with Process Discovery ?

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