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Unlock the true potential of automation

A successful automation journey begins with business process discovery. Our AI powered solution, AssistEdge Discover, unlocks hidden process insights to accelerate enterprise-wide automation.

This advanced process discovery solution identifies the most suitable candidates for automation while accumulating valuable process intelligence. It collects process and task level data from user devices, analyzes the collected data, provides insights using visually rich process maps, and creates a blueprint for automating the right processes. This way, you automate only what matters.

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Experience insights-driven process transformation

Smart Data Capture

Smart Data Capture

Captures granular process nuances using computer vision and key-stroke logs

Interactive Process Visualization

Interactive Process Visualization

Creates interactive process maps for accurate visualization of as-is process in terms of design, variations, and patterns

One-click Export for Automation

One-click Export for Automation

Downloads process maps as process design documents, or exports them to automation in a single click

Automation Blueprint

Automation Blueprint

Transforms task-level and process-level data into deep business insights and generates an automation blueprint

Automation Prioritization

Automation Prioritization

Identifies and prioritizes the right process for automation using automation indicators, priority matrix, and smart funnel

Enterprise-grade Security

Enterprise-grade Security

Provides data encryption and minimization for GDPR compliance. Also offers screenshot redaction and role-based access control

How AssistEdge Discover works?

Assistedge Discover Process

Why AssistEdge Discover?

A global beverage company unlocked unlimited possibilities with AssistEdge Discover

Our client, a leading global beverage company, faced several process challenges due to its vast operations across several countries with differences in local procedures, languages, and legal requirements. Moreover, process variations created non-standardization, limiting visibility and significantly increasing the cost of operations.

The client wanted to optimize and automate two processes — cash collection and route settlement & billing. They were thus looking for a partner to help them with process discovery and provide appropriate recommendations to optimize the right processes.

With AssistEdge Discover, the client was able to identify over 300 process variations and spot the right opportunities for automation. Download the case study to learn how AssistEdge Discover automated process discovery, enabling the client to identify and select process transformation opportunities, saving over $1 million and 65,000 person-hours in efforts.

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SSON’s how-to guide to process discovery

This report, an SSON and EdgeVerve collaboration, is a comprehensive guide to process discovery.

It helps you:


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