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AssistEdge Discover

Is the process not mature enough?

Don’t have a change management framework in place?

Essential stakeholders not on board?

AssistEdge Discover is a unique tool aimed at increasing the success rate of automation implementations at the enterprise level through process discovery.



Complex Processes analyzed


User Application interactions Captured


Data records processed


Reduction in documentation effort

Why AssistEdge Discover?

Enables decisions based on empirical data

Provides insightful business process maps

Uncovers process nuances and crucial insights

Generates effective Automation Blueprint

Aids enterprises to scale in their automation journey

How AssistEdge Discover works

A leading US-based financial services provider implements AssistEdge Discover to identify variations in one of their key processes


Our client is a leading multinational financial services provider headquartered in the US. With over 100+ million customers globally, they pride themselves on offering a variety of premium financial services.The client was looking to identify variations in one of their key processes, capture the data, and determine if the process could be automated. They also wanted to explore the additional value that the business can derive from this data. The implementation of AssistEdge Discover helped automatically capture the data on a native, custom-built application for two key tasks where a total of 70+ nuances were identified.


AssistEdge Discover highlighted that the:

  • Avg. time per task ranges from 10-140 mins

  • The need for task optimization before exploring automation

Discover Automation Success

Today’s businesses are growing at a rapid pace and the need for speed, agility and insights are key to driving success. While Automation is thriving with immense potential, very few enterprises are able to meet the intended outcome due to real challenges experienced on ground.

“Industry studies indicate that over 50% of Automation implementations are not successful.“

AssistEdge Discover is a non-intrusive product that leverages user key strokes and sophisticated neural network algorithms to create insightful business process maps. Using empirical data, AssistEdge Discover reveals crucial process nuances essential to create an effective automation blueprint. Free from human biases, the business process maps and insights generated by the analytics engine in AssistEdge Discover, set a powerful foundation for realizing the value of automation. This enables collaboration, effective change management and continuous process improvement.

Assistedge Discover Process
Assistedge Discover Process

How Process Discovery Enables Automation Success

AssistEdge Discover maps your business processes to optimize automation success

Data Capture

Input from identified users can be monitored and recorded by approved process admins. These include but are not limited to keyboard and mouse events, system parameters, copy-paste function, Function key press events, screen capture, screen lock and USB access.

Visual Data Analysis and Mapping

Data enrichment and analysis is carried out using advanced neural network and AI algorithms. This creates a visual data rich process map which provides details of process variations.

Unbiased Automation Recommendations

Automation recommendations provide a crucial level of insight to organizations to maximize their investment. A final output of process maps and analytic reports are part of the recommendations. Automation recommendations are based on real data, thus avoiding manual bias.