Why process discovery should be the first step in your automation journey


Any organization – big or small, before beginning their automation journey, has to determine which processes are best suited for automation, and how they can benefit from RPA without hitting any roadblocks in the long run. After all, the key purpose of RPA implementation is to deliver efficiencies in business processes. Failing to choose the right process would mean the company’s inability to maximize the potential of RPA through inaccurate judgements and automating wrong processes. This makes identifying the right processes early not just the first step, but the most crucial step in the successful implementation of RPA.

This calls for solutions that can automatically identify, analyze and recommend what processes your company must automate agnostic of apriority data in a shorter span. Process Discovery results in more accurate and deeper understanding of processes at a granular level, eventually enabling process optimization to gain maximum business value. It shortens the path to automation, making it the first essential step towards the success of RPA. Download this whitepaper to know more.

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