Scaling from today to tomorrow’s digitally-enabled enterprise

AssistEdge is a leading cohesive automation platform built with a holistic suite of automation and AI capabilities. From automating repetitive manual tasks and improving data quality, to enhancing better customer experience, AssistEdge has got you covered. A leading automation tool, AssistEdge enables enterprises to realize the full potential of automation by assuring scalability, security, Intelligence, and Innovation.


Cost Reduction for a leading global retail giant


Process automated at scale for a global health tech company


Reduction in AHT for a global telecom company


Increase in productivity achieved for a leading US bank


What can enterprises do to become more scalable?

Have you chosen a solution that does not demonstrate scalability? That can be a nightmare! Scalability is a major issue for organizations across industries; scaling up RPA is not wishful thinking. With a true enterprise grade cohesive platform like AssistEdge, you can reduce the risk of scalability issues in the future, dynamically scale bots as per business needs, and ensure seamless human-digital collaboration.

Bot management, aggregation, and control ensure the RPA benefits are optimized. Scaling RPA requires dedicated personnel and a center of excellence that enables quick automation of the end-to-end processes.

Download the whitepaper “Redefining Digital Workforce Scalability – Key Factors to be Considered” to learn why automation scalability is a stepping stone on your journey towards Automation Singularity.   Download the Whitepaper

Why should you choose AssistEdge, the cohesive scalable automation platform?

Customer Interface
AssistEdge Automation Platform
Industry Vertical specific Automation
Process Discovery
Process Automation
Process Orchestration
Complementary Platforms
Artificial Intelligence
Automation Framework
Enterprise Grade Capabilities
Enterprise Applications


Enterprise customers worldwide

$2 Billion

Savings for customers

50 million +

Transactions every month



AssistEdge Products

AssistEdge products cover the full spectrum of automation using software robots, assisted automation and partial automation


AssistEdge Robotic Process Automation

Automate any high-touch, repetitive process using AI enabled software bots ...


AssistEdge Discover

Track application usage and user activity on any device and identify processes to be automated to improve productivity ...


AssistEdge Engage

Automate agent desktops and enable them to log into all heterogeneous applications through one platform ...


AssistEdge Cloud RPA

Speed-up your business process automation capabilities with AssistEdge Cloud RPA ...


AssistEdge Community Edition

AssistEdge Community Edition is a lighter version of AssistEdge RPA designed for our community users ...

AssistEdge ranked among the top RPA solutions in the industry — 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant   Download the report

Pursuing Automation Singularity with AssistEdge

Automation Singularity refers to this highly customer-centric and agile oriented state of constant improvisation and optimization through a unified workforce, opening up an expanded horizon of possibilities. It’s a journey where a variety of automations — including attended and unattended automation along with AI capabilities will unleash unprecedented value touching every process, every employee and every system in the enterprise. It has the potential to bring humans and the evolved digital worker closer than ever.

In this journey, enterprises move from a ‘Deterministic Automation’ to ‘Intelligent Automation’ and to ultimately ‘Human-empowered Automation.

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Client Stories


“EdgeVerve brings powerful processing to our platform with a solution that is already a leading product in the global RPA market. Where most providers utilize RPA in place of API to patch a broken and inefficient process, EdgeVerve delivers critical business functions such as massive document validation, which automates supplier management, and accelerates manual processes through digital transformation. The Nia AI platform collaboration with the JAGGAER ONE platform delivers sophisticated and industry leading automation to resource intensive functions.”

– Zia Zahiri, CTO of JAGGAER

Case Studies

Stronger together-casestudy

AssistEdge RPA enabled efficient claims processing for a global logistics provider during the COVID-19 crisis

COVID-19 pandemic, most customers are looking for a fast turnaround on insurance claims. Since most of the client’s sta...


AssistEdge RPA enabled a global logistics provider to continue their invoice collections process seamlessly while also introducing greater efficiency during the COVID-19 crisis

The process includes the client’s customers posting ...

Stronger together-casestudy

AssistEdge RPA automated billing process for a global logistics provider during COVID-19 crisis

The sales and carrier representatives sometimes take a long time after delivery to move orders into ‘Ready to Bill’ (RTB) and ‘Re...


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