Automation Singularity — Expanding Horizons of Enterprise Capability

How can enterprises create a seamless synergy between human and bot workers? What does Automation Singularity mean for enterprises?

With the rapidly evolving consumer behavior and the changing dynamics of market competition, enterprises are rethinking their operating models. Enterprises will need to develop new capabilities executed through a unified and coordinated human-bot workforce, where the human workforce will drive customer orientation, while digital workers will complement these efforts through productivity. Very soon, human and digital workers will collaborate seamlessly to co-create the future workforce. From redesigning processes to revamping IT landscape management, enterprises must tackle several challenges to drive this initiative and educate and inspire employees.

In this whitepaper, we introduce Automation Singularity, an EdgeVerve concept supported by a framework to guide intelligent automation strategy for enterprises. Automation Singularity refers to a customer-centric workforce of the future that opens up a new horizon of endless possibilities. We have also tried to articulate why enterprises need to develop an automation strategy that will sketch end-to-end customer journeys, why RPA is here to stay and its role in business strategy along with other integration technologies, and how can enterprises ensure seamless interaction between the human and digital workforce.

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