Digitize field operations to drive growth

Developing markets have the potential to drive exponential growth for consumer goods organizations, yet companies find it difficult to capture the market potential and expand coverage. The main reason for this is inefficient field sales operations.

Field sales teams lack real-time insights on channels, outlets, products, brands, coverage, SKU penetration, promotions, payments, etc., and are bogged down with manual, routine, administrative tasks.

Inefficient field sales operations also lead to:

Amplify salesforce effectiveness with TradeEdge SFA

TradeEdge SFA, our easy-to-use mobile application, enables organizations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their field sales teams by providing them with timely insights at each step of their market visits.

Using TradeEdge SFA, our sales representatives can perform all their tasks, such as order booking, stock capture, payments, merchandising audits, and training – digitally, faster, and better – even in regions with poor connectivity. This helps companies gain real-time visibility into retail execution, enhance market coverage, and be responsive to changing customer buying behaviors.

Covering 2M+ outlets

USD 3.5+ billion revenue coverage per annum

Cloud, DMS, & ERP agnostic solution with built-in intelligence

Improve outcomes for all stakeholders

Manufacturer/ Distributor

Sales Representatives

Sales Managers

Increase visibility and capture market share faster with TradeEdge SFA

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Salesforce automation unlocks 15% sales representatives productivity improvement for a multinational brewing company

The client’s operations in Africa depended heavily on manual invoicing and order-taking. Lack of adequate IT infrastructure, long power cuts, poor and expensive Internet connectivity, lack of IT skills, and language challenges made it difficult to implement sophisticated DMS.

They needed a simple mobile solution with tremendous offline capabilities that could help them automate order taking, invoicing, collections, etc., and provide data visibility.

We deployed TradeEdge SFA for salesforce automation that helped:

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Delivering powerful outcomes for your business

Improved field sales effectiveness with automated and digitized sales activities and timely insights

Near-real time visibility into downstream sales, inventory & demand for better sales forecasting, analysis, and planning

Enhanced market coverage with optimized routes and insights on target outlets, products, promotions, etc.

Insights into competition, merchandising, and planogram compliance

Minimize lost sales with reduced cycle time for fulfilling orders and improved fill rates

Improved customer service levels and relationships

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