A multinational brewing company with a presence in over 190 countries wanted to streamline its manual van sales operations in Africa to gain secondary sales visibility and drive growth.

However, Africa as a region poses many challenges, such as low-tech proficiency of sales representatives, poor connectivity, and varying IT maturity across countries. The distribution network is complex and involves multiple distributors and retailers impacted operations. The manufacturer’s sales operations depended heavily on manual processes, hindering visibility into distributor and retailer data.

TradeEdge sales force automation (SFA) helped the client digitize and standardize van sales operations across 10+ countries in just two years, reduce manual interventions, improve data visibility, and boost sales representative productivity. TradeEdge SFA helped the client digitize, automate, and streamline van sales operations, reduce manual work for sales representatives, and improve productivity by 15-20%.

EdgeVerve’s solution completeness, client experience, industry expertise, and understanding of the unique nuances of emerging markets like Africa made us their partner of choice.

Download the case study to discover how we helped the client streamline, standardize, and automate sales activities, improve sales representative efficiency, and deliver a consistent experience to distributors at all maturity levels.

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