TradeEdge Order Orchestration

TradeEdge Order Orchestration

Reimagine order fulfillment with TradeEdge Order Orchestration

In today’s landscape where forecasting accuracy typically hovers in the low sixties for most companies, carrying the right inventory at the right place and time seems nearly impossible. Organizations grapple with simultaneous stockouts and surpluses of the same product across diverse sales channels and locations within a market.


Unlock endless possibilities to fulfill consumer demand with the power of connected networks

TradeEdge Order Orchestration revolutionizes the order fulfillment process, enabling enterprises to embrace the Buy Anywhere, Fulfill Anywhere, Return Anywhere (BAFARA) model.

This innovative solution provides network-wide inventory access, intelligently splits and routes orders to one or more fulfillment partners based on inventory availability and proximity to customers or consumers, and automates and orchestrates end-to-end fulfillment processes across partners, sales channels, and internal systems.

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By leveraging TradeEdge Order Orchestration, enterprises can

Improve order fill rates

Witness an impressive 8-10% uptick in order fill rates

Real-time order response

Respond to customer orders with an SLA of < 2 seconds – in real-time

Improve partner network visibility

Experience a 60% improvement in partner visibility, and foster stronger collaborations

Find inventory sources and alternate sales channels

Open up new inventory sources to fulfill customer orders and alternate sales channels for blocked inventories

Create an endless inventory aisle

Mitigate supply risks and meet changing customer demands with ease

Enabling a leading sportswear brand to build a partner exchange platform and drive real-time order orchestration

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