Achieve scale, scope, and augmentation with AssistEdge 20.0

AssistEdge 20.0 is an AI-first Connected Enterprise platform, that brings a suite of future-ready capabilities. Enterprises can now expand automation at SCALE, increase the SCOPE of automation and AUGMENT the workforce potential to be future-ready. Scale your enterprise automation journey, maximize business transformation and augment the future of your work with AssistEdge 20.0.

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Leverage the power of an AI-first automation platform to transform your automation program to the next level

Capabilities that enable exponential, holistic, and sustainable automation

Smart Data Capture

Flexible automation

RPA SaaS, cloud-managed services, easy migrations, and flexible deployments with a pay-as-you-go model

Automation Blueprint

Turbocharged bot operations

Intelligent automated bot scaling, automated validations, and faster upgrades with minimal impact

Automation Prioritization

Increase automation coverage

Automation Center of Excellence (CoE) cockpit to expand cross-functional automations and track the automation journey from ideation to execution

Interactive Process Visualization

Automation resilience

Centrally managed bot health with intelligent failure analysis, and automation retrials

Enterprise-grade Security

Multi-dimensional insights

Intelligent document processing, process intelligence, and black box process discovery to maximize automation ROI

One-click Export for Automation

Empowered workforce

Generative AI, work insights, proactive, contextual, and on-demand guidance to boost productivity and experience

Enterprise-grade Security

Holistic process execution

Easy integration with processes and seamless transition between digital and human workers with intelligent workflow

Enterprise-grade Security

Sustainable automation

An industry-first capability of Green RPA that improves the efficiency and sustainability of automations

Move beyond automation siloes and enable scale, scope, and augmentation for accelerated digital transformation.    Download Brochure

Achieve enterprise scale, accelerate business transformation and be future-ready with the AI-first AssistEdge 20.0

Automate every step of your automation journey right from automated process discovery, bot scaling, creation, migration, validation, deployment, resilience, and central monitoring
Augment productivity and empower workforce with integrated Generative AI models, AI-led proactive, contextual, and on-demand assistance, sentiment analysis and knowledge management
Build sustainable automation and super-efficient operations with our industry-first Green RPA to improve green quotient scores and reduce your automation footprint!

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