AssistEdge Discover performed or outperformed the benchmark in the latest IDC Perspective

AssistEdge Discover performed or outperformed the benchmark in the latest IDC Perspective


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“EdgeVerve AssistEdge Discover should be considered when an organization has a broad automation strategy ranging from process improvement to IT and developer operations will benefit from the ability to capture diverse types of data and workloads that can also be documented and analyzed. Currently, AssistEdge is the first task mining product we found that can do this”

– Maureen Flemming, VP, IDC


AssistEdge Discover has above-benchmark capabilities across all stages of task mining

Key takeaways from this report:

AssistEdge outperformed or was at the benchmark in every category. Its task improvement capabilities are particularly strong, with task simulation features along with a BPMN design capability to edit tasks before exporting to AssistEdge RPA studio.
The platform offers an extensive portfolio of data privacy policies that can be configured to support high levels of data security that are largely invoked as data is captured. It also maps policies to templates that can be configured by individual users or user groups.

Read the report to learn why our platform, that boosts enterprise-wide automation efforts by obtaining process insights, has performed or outperformed across multiple parameters.

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This assessment of EdgeVerve AssistEdge Discover is based on research that identified common and unique features of task mining across 12 products through product demos, briefings, and vendor Q&As to compare how each product helps teams understand, document, and analyze how manual work is performed.


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