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2024 Generative AI and Intelligent Automation Trends Report

Generative AI is not just another technology passing through the hype cycle, its impact on society will be on a par with the internet, the smartphone and social media. It will reshape business and fundamentally redefine human machine relationships.

– Mr. N. Shashidhar,
Vice President and Global Platform Head, EdgeVerve

Intelligent Process Automation Market is estimated to grow at 13.05% CAGR and reach over USD 37 billion by 2030. With the rampant inclusion of Generative-AI in the digital transformation efforts, the growth is only going to accelerate. However, concerns over ethics and biases persist, necessitating robust governance.

A platform-based system presents itself as the most viable model and balanced approach to leveraging GenAI potentials and modernizing the existing ecosystem without disruption. By uniting people, processes, and technology, a platform-based approach maximizes operational efficiency and drives innovation, envisioning a future where humans and machines collaborate seamlessly.

This trends report, created in collaboration with PEX research, provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of digital transformation, its perks, and imparts the challenges organizations face in contemporary times.

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Get insights from PEX Network’s advisory board members and senior business leaders at Maersk, the LEGO Group, Heineken and much more.


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