Solving the Emerging Challenges of Hybrid Working with Work Insights

Solving the Emerging Challenges of Hybrid Working with Work Insights

As per Gartner, 48% of employees will work remotely at least some of the time post-pandemic.

The pandemic not only accelerated digital transformation initiatives but significantly changed the way people work — going beyond not just where employees work but how employees work. It shaped and embedded remote work into the very fabric of how organizations function.

As companies return to normal, they must now navigate a hybrid work environment that is flexible to employee needs while maintaining productivity and delivering on ongoing transformation projects. Moreover, business leaders must also onboard new employees and manage & mentor existing ones in a hybrid environment. This presents a unique opportunity for leaders to utilize technology to understand how employees interact and streamline end-to-end processes.

This is where Work Insights comes into play.

What is Work Insights, and how can businesses apply Work Insights in a hybrid setting? How can Work Insights help identify automation opportunities, improve customer centricity, and create a culture of resilience?

Download the latest report created by EdgeVerve and SSON to dive deep into the emerging challenges of hybrid infrastructure and learn how task mining and productivity tools, like Work Insights, can help navigate the future of work.


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