Accelerating End-to-End Process Automation with UX and Low-Code

Accelerating End-to-End Process Automation with UX and Low-Code

Enterprises looking to save money, boost morale, and streamline operations are rapidly adopting process discovery, RPA, and process orchestration tools that can stitch together processes end-to-end.

According to 2022 Share Services State of the Industry Survey, 81% of organizations see end-to-end process integration as a top priority. The survey also finds that the top two skills that companies are prioritizing are automation and process design/continuous improvement.

Nonetheless, employees face challenges while using difficult and time-consuming internal apps and work processes. How can enterprises bring a frictionless experience to their internal apps? How can they consider process automation with a mindset of usability?

The answer lies in adopting the latest in low-code automation software to streamline and simplify processes and bring a consumer-friendly mindset to your internal corporate apps.

Low-code automation tools can enable people with limited coding abilities to automate repeatable business processes using a drag and drop UI interface. But it doesn’t stop there! With low-code tools, an entire process can be automated, made more usable, and ultimately connected.

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