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Creating a Truly Digital bank

Truly Digital banking is not about just giving your legacy processes a digital facelift. Be ready to rethink digitization. Watch this video to understand what constitutes Truly Digital banking and how




Finacle Core Banking Solution

Built on advanced architecture, Finacle Core Banking Solution offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities to power banks' digital transformation.


Finacle Digital Engagement Hub

The Finacle Digital Engagement Hub is an enterprise-class system of engagement that powers insights-driven personalized customer experiences across channels, applications and devices. The hub works se

Universal Bank
Universal Bank

Finacle Digital Wallet Solution

The Finacle Digital Wallet solution offers a feature-rich, secure, intuitive, simple and convenient payment experience to customers. The Finacle Digital Wallet solution supports several businesses in


Finacle Direct Banking Solution

The Finacle Direct Banking Solution is comprehensive for banks to directly acquire, track and service customers without any physical presence by leveraging the power of the wearables, online, mobile a


Finacle Analytics Solution

The Finacle Analytics Solution is an advanced analytics solution that integrates banking data models and new-age open source technologies to rapidly develop and deliver actionable insights. The soluti


Finacle Treasury Solution

Designed by seasoned treasurers and shaped by traders from the world’s largest treasuries, Finacle offers an integrated front, middle and back-office treasury solution that covers the entire deal li


Finacle Wealth Management Solution

A standalone and modular solution for private and retail banks. A comprehensive solution that empowers banks to offer their customers unparalleled freedom of choice for portfolio creation with a range


Finacle Islamic Banking Solution

Finacle Islamic banking offers a range of Shariah-compliant financial products that conform to Islamic ethics and the contractual mechanisms that bind them. While helping address the current needs of


Finacle Payments Solution

Finacle Payments is an advanced enterprise payments services hub that helps modernize your business. The solution enables financial institutions to design and manage workflows, optimize processes and


Finacle Liquidity Management Solution

Finacle Liquidity Management is a front-to-back office liquidity management solution that empowers banks to offer a comprehensive range of services to their corporate clients to identify, manage and o


Finacle Origination Solution

This best-in-class origination solution greatly simplifies the complete onboarding lifecycle for retail and commercial customers across a wide set of asset and liability products. Its extensive parame


Finacle CRM Solution

The Finacle CRM solution, integrated with the powerful Finacle Clore Banking engine, is a modular, multilingual, web-based solution that allows banks to deploy the CRM functionality easily. With a uni


Finacle Finanz Tools Solution

The Finacle Finanz Tools Solution engages the bank’s customers with personalized product illustrations. The simple-to-use financial calculators, simulators and modelers illustrate how financial prod


Finacle Alerts Solution

Finacle Alerts Solution empower banks to provide multi-channel alerts to customers about transactions and events recorded by the bank's diverse business systems. The solution's subscription feature e


Finacle Mobile Teller Solution

A comprehensive solution for bankers to effectively address all activities at a branch with designated workflows for each role. The interactive user interface, intuitive navigation, offline mode of o


Finacle Youth Banking Solution

The Finacle Youth Banking Solution is a comprehensive offering for the youth between the ages of 12 to 18, who are yet to experience banking. This solution helps banks cater to youth with their financ


Finacle Customer Assist Solution

The Finacle Customer Assist Solution helps in optimizing branch transactions to reduce the cost of servicing customers at branches and enabling branch staff to focus on relationship building and sales


Finacle Trade Connect

Finacle Trade Connect is a blockchain based solution developed specifically to address and simplify the trade finance process requirements of banks. The solution is designed to help digitize trade

Universal Bank
Universal Bank

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