Key features

Finacle virtual accounts management solution is designed to future proof your digital cash management strategy.

Highly configurable, product based approach
Offer innovative, tailor-made virtual account products
Core banking agnostic
Extensive interfacing capabilities with wide variety of core systems
Easy integration with other enterprise systems
Integration with payments, liquidity management solutions for advanced virtual account capabilities
Truly digital, multi-channel enabled solution
Built for seamless digital experiences on every channel

Key benefits

  • Agility in new product introductions

  • Full account virtualization capabilities

  • Rule based reconciliation and replications

  • Flexible hierarchies for unique corporate requirements

  • Real-time virtual account transactions routing

  • Digital, self-serve virtual accounts management

  • Automation and STP, reducing manual interventions

  • Enhanced visibility and controls

  • Truly digital cash management with extensive APIs

  • Improved propositions with on-behalf banking

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