Key features

Finacle front-to-back office liquidity management solution enables banks to offer a comprehensive range of services to their corporate clients to identify, manage and enhance liquidity using cross-border, cross-currency, cross-bank capabilities

Omnichannel Enabled Solution
Forecast cash flows and select the right liquidity management structures on any channel
Global Sweeps Capabilities
Consolidating cash positions across multiple accounts in multiple time zones, currencies and countries in real-time
Multi-locational Notional Pooling
A single entity, multi-locational, cross-currency notional pooling structure
Optimize Positions
Choice of flexible models for interest benefit computation and allocation methods
Core Banking System Agnostic
Extensive interfacing capabilities leveraging a robust integration platform
Parameter Driven
Offer customized liquidity management services

Key benefits

  • Rapid deployment of new products

  • Stronger customer relationships

  • Improved operational efficiencies

  • Better control and visibility

  • Rule-based STP reducing manual intervention

  • Superior dexterity to respond to market changes

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