Annual Global Intelligent Automation Market Report

Digital transformation is the enterprise buzzword right now, and Intelligent Automation is at the vanguard of making it happen. The day is not far when Automation will become a way of life for future enterprises. Intelligent Automation is a transformative program, and with any transformation, comes change. This report has been published to support you and the global practitioners across the world trying to figure out how to harness the power and potential of automation software while maintaining strong control and enough foresight to build for the future.

The Global Intelligent Automation H1 report outlines the critical considerations leaders must attend to as they introduce Intelligent Automation into their organization. This report is for those embarking on the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) journey, seeking to support their transformation through effective change management. Lack of effective change management support is the leading case of automation ‘failure’. A well thought out and adhered to change management plan should be a critical element in your automation strategy. Effective change management drives program success. Conversely, any gaps in change management will cause the program to stall. Download the report now to build a strong Intelligent Automation strategy supported by an effective change management program.

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