Survey report on why Process Discovery is a defining step in Automation


The continuously changing nature of the industry today demands that enterprises be swift and agile. Leveraging digital transformation to stay competitive isn’t a choice anymore but a necessity. And this is where Intelligent Automation is truly making its mark. While Intelligent Automation is thriving and has immense potential, many organizations may face significant challenges in realizing that full potential. According to our research, 70% of senior operations executives rated the success of their automation program as less than 50% in meeting its intended objectives. In fact, more than a third of them rated it lower than 20%.

No company wants to go through the pains of implementing Automation only to see it fail. And given the expected market growth and transformative potential of this technology, choosing to ignore it and proceed using antiquated methods is not a viable option for a business that wants to keep growing and remain relevant. Read our survey report to explore the factors behind these results and how you can avoid them to ensure a successful Intelligent Automation program with Process Discovery.

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