Redefining Digital Workforce Scalability — Key Factors to be Considered

What is bot scalability? Why is automation scalability considered a stepping stone on your journey towards Automation Singularity?

With scalability being the talk of the town, enterprises today are focused on developing a highly customer-centric and agile automation strategy that ensures seamless interaction between humans and bots to co-create the future workforce. This implies that scaling bots will usher in a transformative change, wherein the human and digital workforce will work alongside each other to create a truly digital enterprise.

The whitepaper outlines some of the crucial factors that need to be taken into consideration while planning for a continuously evolving, stable RPA setup. From bot administration and error handling to bot optimization and SLA adherence, these key points will enable enterprises to scale up their automation efforts and deploy bots or digital workers across multiple business functions. The report also throws light on the 4 pillars that determine the scalability of an RPA product — automation breadth, ease of automating, automation robustness, and bot scalability.

Automation at scale is a primary business need. Investing in the right tool with the right partner will empower enterprises on their journey towards Automation Singularity.

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