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Remote Working made efficient with RPA

August 24, 2020 - Mamta Kumari Bhagelu Computer scientist, EdgeVerve


I’ve always wondered how one can work remotely with the same efficiency as working from the office. But the last few months of working from home have made me realize that the key to remote work is the complete knowledge of your work and processes, and the availability of technology to support working from remote location/home. The challenge most of the companies face today is that the business processes are not adequately documented and only a handful of people know the end-to-end details of the processes. This leads to people following different paths of handling a business process subsequently creating multiple variations, different border case scenarios and problems.

COVID-19 poses the additional challenge for the new employees to be more productive in the shortest possible time. They are unfamiliar with the people and the processes and often apprehensive about asking for details in a remote setting. A similar problem is faced by existing employees with new task assignments as well. The problem is compounded as companies take time to adjust to the remote working dynamics and update their standard operating processes to ensure smooth and successful operations. This process change comes with its implication on training the present employees on the updated processes.

How can RPA help?

Companies who have already implemented Robotic Process Automation (RPA) have a clear upper hand in this pandemic situation. With RPA in place, processes are already documented, automated, implemented, tested and in production. RPA brings transparency and simplicity to both the company and the employees. This helps in providing clear understanding of the processes in remote work situation. This ensures that processes keep running without any challenges. In case of errors and exceptions or changes in the process, RPA products make it extremely easy to centrally manage and roll out the changed process.

Another key area where RPA tools can help is self-learning and building awareness of existing and changed processes. Tools which can assist with step by step guidance on the execution of the process are a must in this remote work situation. For instance, customer care setups will be immensely benefited with automation tools like AssistEdge Engage, which provide step by step guidance to end users for handling business processes. This enables on-the-job training of the users towards knowledge of the entire process, ensuring business compliance.

Third and the most important area where RPA is a game-changer is the ability to empirically detect business tasks from user interactions. Companies where the processes are not documented, can use process discovery tools in effectively identifying the steps of the key processes within their organization. Tools like AssistEdge Discover eliminate human bias during process discovery, provide process insights, assess process execution efficiency and recommend automation candidates.

AssistEdge RPA is an industry leading automation platform and provides several solutions to above-mentioned problems with remote work. AssistEdge RPA enables you to automate your processes and run it unattended remotely without any issue. It also has features like Guided scripting which can be leveraged too train the current and new employees without investing in expensive training programs. Also, AssistEdge Discover can help you in discovering your undocumented process tasks along with the identification of automation opportunities.

Most importantly, with AssistEdge RPA, both human and digital workers can work together remotely ensuring business continuity, while staying safe.

Mamta Kumari Bhagelu

Computer scientist, EdgeVerve

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