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Be Risk Positive With Intelligent Debt Collection

FinXEdge Collect (formerly CollectEdge) is a data-driven intelligence application powered by advanced Machine Learning that helps lenders and debt collectors reduce delinquency rates and charge-offs, improve operational efficiencies and enhance customer experience

  • Reduce delinquency rates and charge-offs
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Improve process efficiencies, productivity and compliance

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Solution Brief – A 5 step debt collection strategy

Practical approach to Machine Learning based debt collection strategy in production Watch the webinar

Client quote

“Citizens Bank makes continuous investments in innovation to improve end-to-end customer experience, from origination to servicing and collections. In partnership with EdgeVerve Systems, we are modernizing our collection processes with real-time insights into delinquency rates, better risk segmentations and customized contact & calling strategies.”

– Julie Signorille, Executive Vice President and Consumer Banking Chief Operating Officer.

Key features


Simple integration with your servicing and collection systems using our API services


Risk Bucket Prediction

AI-based Prioritized Queue

Suggestion on Corrective Measures


Predict Channel and Time

AI-based Personalized Communication

Roll Rate Prediction


AI-based Prioritization

AI-based Resolution Strategies

Account Level Personality Insights

Customer Insights Engine

Generates 360 degree view of customer to identify patterns and predict behavior.
Prediction Engine

Contextualized Suggestions and Predictions. Self Optimizes with Time.

Out-of-the-box insightful charts and provisions to create on-demand views

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