How Financial Services Companies Become “Future Proof”

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About the Event

Today’s businesses need to integrate and rapidly scale digital technologies to serve vast customer bases and become future-ready. They must identify operational blind spots and harmonize people, AI, and automation to empower employees, satisfy customers, and raise benchmarks.

Amid potential economic downturn, financial services are shifting focus to cost transformation. Yet, despite economic pressures, technology adoption is vital for growth, such as using cloud solutions for new digital offerings. Changing demographics, like Gen Z’s entry into finance, puts customer experience at strategic decision making’s core, with future generations expected to seek a tech-integrated omnichannel banking experience.

Join our discussion to explore current challenges and strategic priorities, AI and data’s role in growth, and how companies can transition from insights to transformation.

We’ll discuss how process discovery platforms can accumulate process and task-level data from user devices, analyze the collected data, visualize insights and create a blueprint for automating the right processes to accelerate transformation to a future-proof financial services company.


Manzur Ali

Senior Director – Products, EdgeVerve

Prashan W Gunawardhana

Client Partner - Automation & AI Platforms , EdgeVerve