Unlocking the value of automation

In the race to become digital, many companies are looking at automation to simplify complex processes, infuse efficiency and enhance service delivery.

They are eager to on-board automation initiatives for these singular goals. However, when done right, automation has a lot more to offer.

Automation amplifies value for enterprise, customers, employees and partners.

Download the paper that explores how technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are disrupting organizational functions across industries.

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How automation amplifies value

Advances in technology, be it Machine Learning or Robotic Process Automation, are driving companies to re-think how they work. For instance, repetitive business processes, particularly those that do not depend on human judgment, can be replaced with faster and more efficient software. Further, automation platforms can access and process large amounts of raw data to draw insights that improve decision-making, leading to better business outcomes. From an enterprise perspective, automation acts as a gateway to sophisticated cognitive capabilities and AI, making companies future-ready. The key differentiator is to roll out an automation strategy that progressively adds value.

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Let us consider four ways automation is driving value for enterprises:

Automation Customers

Automation for customers

Automation strategies in customer service can range from monitoring agent desktops to deploying customer-facing chatbots.

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Automation Partners

Automation for partners

Automated partner on-boarding solutions help organizations efficiently discover, manage and nurture relationships with new and existing channel partners.

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Automation employees

Automation for employees

Automation tools that support in-house functions such as HR, sales, marketing, and much more can create innovative opportunities to up-skill and re-skill the workforce

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Automation enterprises

Automation for enterprises

Robotic process automation frees employees to learn new skills, enhance existing skill-sets and, more importantly, use their judgment and creativity to drive revenue

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AssistEdge is a scalable automation platform that uses software robots to transform business processes and operations. It comprises four key products that allow enterprises execute partial automations to end-to-end automation of repetitive processes – all through a single platform. With deployments across varied industries, AssistEdge helps companies increase employee productivity and process accuracy, reduces turnaround time and operational costs.
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Automation Unchained: A holistic approach to enterprise automation

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