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Move Your Supply Chain to Blockchain with Provenance

See how Provenance Business Application enables traceability, trust and transparency of any asset across the supply chain by harnessing blockchain framework.

Move Your Supply Chain to Blockchain with Provenance

Key features

Provenance’s features spread across various asset & service transactions, ensures traceability and transparency information is captured and made available to all stakeholders on the network. Provenance leverages blockchain technology to decentralize and enhance trust in data across the product supply chain.


Functionalities to capture asset transactions to establish proof of origin (ingredients as well as location), proof of custody (ownership) and proof of event (time trail).


Provenance renders completes processes transparency with functionalities to capture background and handling information of assets being traded- including provisions to capture certifications, inspections, quality checks, audits…

Trust-worthiness of information

Provenance uses Blockchain technology to provide equality based agreements for information capture & ownership and data immutability. This provides undeniable and tamper-proof authentication required by stakeholders.

DLT Agnosticism

While Provenance is built on top of EV Blockchain framework -which is an abstraction of the proven Bitcoin DLT (Distributed Ledger technology), the application has been architected to be interoperable with frameworks like IBMs HyperLedger, Ethereum and other popular DLTs.

API Ready

Our application can be seamlessly integrated with existing IT infrastructure through easily consumable set of APIs across multitudes of legacy system of businesses involved in the supply chain.

Key Benefits

With Provenance, enterprises can now open up a world of possibilities to fortify and differentiate their business by creating the Network of Trust

Operational Efficiencies through increased Visibility
  • Improved agility to react to business changes
  • Improved inventory management across the chain
  • Faster and more automated decision making across the chain
Brand Elevation through availability of trusted information
  • Lower rigor and costs associated with audits
  • Enhanced brand reputation
  • Command premium pricing for products
Inclusivity & active stakeholder participation
  • Ease of adoption & onboarding
  • API enabled integrations with legacy systems
  • Intuitive, cloud based application that works across multiple form factors

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