Possibilities Unlimited

Possibilities Unlimited

TradeEdge, so you can leverage the power of your Network Unlimited

TradeEdge enables you to sense and respond to near real-time visibility to demand signals and scale your operations to massive growth. TradeEdge is a cognitive, connected, always-on platform to orchestrate, track & trace, and engage partners that will unleash unlimited possibilities for your business.

With TradeEdge, your brand can gain maximum channel visibility, improve retail execution and reach new markets faster. Connect all supply chain stakeholders in a peer-to-peer network that can swiftly respond to demand signals and minimize lost sales.

TradeEdge helps clients capitalize on the inherent power of a connected enterprise by amplifying the human potential, crafting connected customer journeys, and exploiting the power of value networks.

annual sales visibility to Fortune 500 consumer goods brands

sales growth by adjusting delivery plans

decrease in idle inventory. Reduce OOS, phantom inventory and D-voids

improvement in forecast accuracy leveraging near real-time sales inputs

TradeEdge is an intelligent supply chain management platform that enables brands to gain maximum channel visibility, improve retail execution, reach new markets faster and get one step closer to being a resilient enterprise.

Enterprise-grade solutions to build a resilient supply chain

Trusted by 25+ Fortune 500 CPG companies globally
Demand Sensing
Know yesterday’s sales today

Granular visibility and insights-driven action for business growth

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Suggested Ordering & Replenishment
What to order?

Leverage AI to create a product assortment based on comparable reference points of sale

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Order Management
Order anywhere, fulfill from anywhere

Grow your business with effective order management

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Route Planning
What stores to visit and in what order?

Dynamically identify stores to visit based on expected order value & current achievement against sales target

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Product Traceability
Drive targeted recall with speed across the value chain

Enhance statutory compliance with granular tracking of product movement

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Unlock the true potential of supply chain for your business


Understand consumer offtake

by getting daily POS visibility at a store-item level and transform to demand-driven supply planning


Digitize channel operations

through our cloud-based order management system to drive process uniformity and quality of demand signals


Expand market coverage non-linearly

through mobile apps and reach unserved and underserved customers with speed


Reduce product recall times

by tracking product movement in near real-time across an entire value chain of disparate partner systems


Forecast and optimize promotional sales

by leveraging AI-driven predictive capabilities through sophisticated causal analytics


Optimize spends

by leveraging AI-powered harmonization and classification of spend data across multiple suppliers

Transform your siloed supply chains into a 360° value network

TradeEdge Network

TradeEdge Network is a multi-enterprise over-the-top platform that connects businesses for enhanced visibility and resilience for their product, services, and information needs.

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