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FinXEdge Cost Savings Calculator is an online assessment that helps you calculate your total annual loss savings and benchmark your delinquency & Charge off rates.

By Engaging with FinXEdge, you can have the ability to segment good credit risks from the bad. This would result in lower credit losses, having predictable cash flows and good customer relationships

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  • Monthly Loss Savings

  • Total FTE (Full Time Employee) Cost Savings

  • Collections ROI

  • Annual Loss Savings

What does your portfolio look like?

What is FTE cost to collect?


in Annual Loss Savings!

Collections comes at a cost! Reduce costs of operations with a Total FTE Cost Savings of and maximize your Collections ROI by increase in collections

Gain your competitive advantage and drive improved collections with FinXEdge Collect

FinXEdge Collect uses ML-based -risk segmentation, in addition to financial ability and borrower’s “willingness to pay” to create more efficient and differentiated treatment plan for delinquent accounts. It also gives personalized recommendation on right resolution or loss mitigation strategy to cure an account and ensure customer delight.

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Potential Savings through Collect

Monthly Loss Savings

Total FTE CostSaving

Collections ROI (original) / (revised)


Total Annual Savings

Benefits Beyond Loss Savings

Reduce risk of non-payment

Personalized Customer Experience

Improved Productivity

Faster Time-to-value – Easy to Integrate and Deploy

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