Demand & Fulfilment

Manufacturers looking for growth are increasingly faced with the challenge of getting accurate demand visibility. Compounded by an explosion of new products introduced in the markets (own as well as competitor’s), companies are struggling to transform demand signals into accurate shipment decisions. Increased competition has ensured higher promotional spend resulting in critical business need to analyze market data with precision. With the margin for error ever narrowing, timely assessment of execution effectiveness becomes a key determinant of shifts in market share.

Our solutions in this space enable a broad spectrum of capabilities – from raw data acquisition to cleansing, transforming and enriching it to leveraging such data via artificial intelligence and machine learning applications to deliver insights with speed – hitherto unavailable to business across both developed and developing markets.

Business Applications



TradeEdge provides insights from distributors and retailers across the demand value chain to accelerate growth in emerging as well as developed markets. TradeEdge is a cloud based solution that enable

Nia Data Harmonization_

Data Harmonization

Despite wide availability of data across multiple sources, enterprises struggle to leverage it as it is not readily usable. Data Harmonization addresses this challenge by contextualizing external bus

Nia Promotion Effectiveness

Promotion Effectiveness

Promotion Effectiveness enables enterprises to measure and fully understand the effectiveness of trade promotions. It makes sense of complex and disparate point-of-sale data, to deliver a more accurat

Nia Perfect Order Measurement_

Perfect Order Measurement

Perfect Order Measurement equips the enterprises and their partners with advanced analytical tools to get insights into the order fulfilment processes with a view of perfect order indices and its infl