The beginners, the inbetweeners and the ones still in the planning stage of automation. AssistEdge is a holistic automation solution for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an end-to-end automation partner or a solutions provider, we are here to be your vessel, oars or navigator. It’s for you to decide how far you go with it, stick to the shores or ride the waves.
From a bank seeking to leverage automation for its core IT operations to a retail chain planning to automate repetitive, transactional supply chain processes to reduce processing time or a telco giant looking to reduce overall order-completion cycle time, EdgeVerve’s AssistEdge can enable different industries, large enterprises, business functions and the community with its RPA capabilities converged with Infosys Nia™
our next-gen AI platform.

Automation Built For

Having successfully set up over 200 global enterprises on their automation journey,
we know what it will take to set you on your future course.

From helping enterprises discover processes that can be automated with our Integrated Device Monitoring Process & Mining tool to assist them to scale their automation vision, our RPA solutions, combined with our predictive analytic capabilities, enable you to gather meaningful insight from the noise of complex raw data. It ensures people spend less time sorting through endless data or toggling between poorly-organized complex processes and focus on delivering value to your business by reducing time to value, improving customer experience and innovating for the future.

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