AssistEdge Discover

Assistedge Discover
AssistEdge Discover

AssistEdge products

AssistEdge products cover the full spectrum of automation using software robots, assisted automation and partial automation

AssistEdge Robotic Process Automation
Automate any high touch, repetitive process using AI enabled software bots

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AssistEdge Discover
Track application usage and user activity on any device and identify processes to be automated to improve productivity

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AssistEdge Real-time Expertise Manager
Get access to subject matter experts in real-time, for seamless multi-media, multi-channel collaboration

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AssistEdge Smart User Environment
Automate agent desktops and enable them to log into all heterogeneous applications through one platform

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AssistEdge Community Edition
AssistEdge Community Edition is a lighter version of AssistEdge RPA designed for our community users.

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Telekom Malaysia Implements AssistEdge

Ahmad Nasri Mohamed, VP, Customer Experience Transformation, Telekom Malaysia has talked about how TM (Telekom Malaysia) aims at becoming the convergence champion and the OVAL program is powered by AssistEdge -EdgeVerve’s leading automation solution, to help TM create an enriching customer experience.

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Key benefits of AssistEdge

AssistEdge automates work for some of the largest companies in the world, helping them reduce their operational costs, eliminate errors and enhance agent productivity – all while achieving payback in less than 6 months. We cover the full spectrum of automation through:

  • 50% reduction in turnaround times

  • 30% increase in productivity

  • 100% process accuracy

  • 98% first touch resolution

  • 70% reduction in costs

  • 20% reduction in operational costs

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