Possibilities Unlimited

Possibilities Unlimited

AssistEdge, so you can automate unlimited

AssistEdge empowers the human and the digital worker to converge, enabling a synergy of people, processes, data, and systems. Our connected automation platform augments human intelligence and unleashes unlimited possibilities for your business by automating and digitizing processes.

AssistEdge brings to life your vision of building a connected enterprise where humanity, AI, and automation work in unison and help you turn your digital transformation strategies into reality.


Connected Automation: Build deeper connections between process, data, and people

The next level of automation connects data, advanced AI, machine learning driven orchestration, and seamless bot-human-bot interaction together. Connected automation empowers enterprises to build a strong foundation for intelligent automation and opens new horizons for the kinds of benefits pursued.

The survey report, “Welcome to The Age of Connected Automation,” created in collaboration with SSON, emphasizes the need to truly connect automation and bring together many different capabilities needed for more far-reaching automation.

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Our core tenets

AssistEdge Our Core Tenets

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Why should you choose AssistEdge, the cohesive scalable automation platform?

Given the imperative to remain customer-centric and competitive, enterprises must offer differentiated offerings and be extremely responsive. For delivering on this promise, enterprises need to be agile, hyper-productive, consistent, and scalable. This can be achieved by a unified, coordinated workforce of human and digital workers.

AssistEdge is an enterprise-grade RPA product that excels in enabling enterprises to adapt to market challenges that demand Scalability, Security, Intelligence, and Innovation. It spans across the automation continuum from deterministic through intelligent to human-empowered automation.


Large Enterprise Clients




Billion in customer savings


Million monthly transactions

Key differentiators

Cohesive Automation

Low code application

Mature Process

Intelligent Document

End-to-end implementation,
training, and support services

Flexible commercial

Ease of product upgrade
and migration

Deployment model
of choice


Enterprise Customers across 140+ countries


Industry use cases catering to specific client needs


Patent Assets in Automation & AI

Key Benefits Delivered

Delivering Automation at Scale, across various dimensions

Attended Bots

  • Enabling CSRs of a Global Telecommunications giant

Unattended Bots

  • Automated F&A across 60+ countries for Health-Tech giant

Processes Automated

  • Powering core processes for a large Financial Services provider


  • Real-time Booking process automated for Shipping Giant


  • Processed per month for leading Financial Institution in the US


  • Backend applications integrated for a large enterprise in the US

Complex Process
950 steps

  • Automated order processing & invoicing for Petrochemical giant

annual hours

  • Saved for large enterprise; on outcome-based engagement

AssistEdge is geared to solve business challenges and deliver value at scale

AssistEdge products

AssistEdge products cover the full spectrum of automation, from process discovery to partial or end-to-end automation and process orchestration


AssistEdge Robotic Process Automation

Our connected automation platform offers the full spectrum of automation, including process discovery, document processing, low code application development


AssistEdge Discover

The AI-powered platform, AssistEdge Discover, unlocks hidden process intelligence and work insights to accelerate process transformation, automation, and productivity


AssistEdge Engage

Our experience automation platform, AssistEdge Engage, helps improve employee experience across the front and back-office operations


AssistEdge Cloud RPA

Scale your business process automation capabilities with AssistEdge Cloud RPA


AssistEdge Community Edition

AssistEdge Community Edition is a lighter version of AssistEdge RPA designed for our community users

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Client stories


“Utilizing the EdgeVerve platform has had a positive impact on our business. We can now get customer orders fulfilled more quickly; in addition, we have reduced costs and equipped our people with better tools to help them tackle the complicated problems, without our complex system stack getting in their way.”

– Edward Watson, Senior Manager, Process Re-engineering, Openreach

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