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One of the biggest challenges for manufacturers today is the lack of granular visibility into distributor sales, inventory, and consumer offtake.

  • Which products are selling and where?

  • How much inventory is lying unsold with distributors?

  • What is the extent of your retail coverage?

  • How well are promotions being passed on to customers?

Knowing the answers to these questions is important for manufacturers to optimize inventory allocation, trade spend, and maximize reach. Incomplete and/or delayed information hampers business decisions leading to frequent out of stocks, failed promotions, loss of sales, and customer dissatisfaction. Unfortunately, such information is out of reach for most manufacturers, especially in emerging markets.

Barriers to data visibility

Large number of distributors

Smaller distributors with relatively low process maturity form a major chunk of distribution networks.

Lack of technology investments

Distributors work on different systems and often paper-based processes. This compromises data consistency and quality, creating information silos.

Time and effort-intensive

Companies that have tried to do this on their own have found it to require significant time and effort chasing partners for data. It may even lead to rework due to frequent changes in distributors’ systems.

Get a consolidated view across distributors, retailers, and e-commerce with TradeEdge

TradeEdge is an intelligent supply chain management platform that enables manufacturers to gain maximum channel visibility and accelerate supply chain digitization. The TradeEdge is a multi-tenanted, cloud-based, highly configurable platform. It is designed to maximize the efficiency and productivity of manufacturers. With TradeEdge, you can:

Get visibility

to distributor secondary sales and inventory delivered as a fully managed service

Make promotions more effective

with real-time insights into campaign performance and effectiveness

Improve retail outlet coverage and expand market reach

with the ordering App and smart route planning that maximizes sales rep productivity

Measure consumer offtake

by getting near real-time visibility to POS at the retail store-item level

Reduce out-of-stocks

by targeted short-term replenishment

Gain a unified view of business

harmonized to your internal product hierarchies

Get the pulse of your business with TradeEdge

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Some powerful benefits delivered to our clients

enhanced forecast accuracy using real-time sales inputs

sales growth by adjusting delivery plans

improvement in case-fill rates

reduction in stock-out scenarios

improvement in distributor data accuracy

reduction in procure to review cycle

increased productivity and efficiency

reduction in manual report generation

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