EdgeVerve Professional Services has multiple accelerators and templates to accelerate time to value.

These are reusable components, licensed to clients at no additional cost.

Discovery Model Framework is used to determine the feasibility of automation for different business processes and calculate indicative benefits per unit of investment.

Domain Use Case Catalog contains over 350+ Use Cases across 6 domains with the Priority and Automation Feasibility indicator.

Robot Calculator is used to calculate the # of Robots, required for in-scope processes after automation.

250+Microbots which extends the product boundary by creating reusable components which can be reused across process automation.

Since they are re-usable it reduces the effort of learning that client application or technology and saves a lot of time in getting the automation faster.

Services offered

EdgeVerve Professional Services provides following services for organizations’ end-to-end automation journeys


Automation Discovery Service

Achieve deeper insights into your business and identify pressing challenges.

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Automation Expert Service

Define the success criteria of automation program aligned to the business objectives.

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Automation COE Setup Service

This enables to increase client’ business agility and reduce operations costs.

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AssistEdge RPA Implementation Service

Help customers increase their operational efficiency and control costs by implementing AssistEdge Robotic Process Automation for repetitive manual business processes.

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AssistEdge Production Support Service

Provide technical support for any technical issues or automation breakages in production

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AssistEdge RPA Training Service

Provides comprehensive set of trainings in automation space for various stakeholders and roles including

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About AssistEdge



EdgeVerve AssistEdge Robotic Process Automation



AssistEdge is a scalable automation platform that uses software robots to transform business processes and operations. It comprises four key products that allow enterprises execute partial automations to end-to-end automation of repetitive processes – all through a single platform. With deployments across varied industries, AssistEdge helps companies increase employee productivity and process accuracy, reduces turnaround time and operational costs.