EdgeVerve: Forrester’s take

Is the best fit for building rich document analysis solutions. More than any other vendor in this evaluation, EdgeVerve is aligned around developing and implementing computer vision-based document analysis solutions and has the capabilities to match.

XtractEdge Vision is built using versatile technology that lends itself to a variety of use cases to enable further processing in applications and business logic. It leverages a deep learning framework that enables the visual identification and classification of document imagery based on state-of-the-art object detectors. It offers a rich set of APIs for the analysis of images for improved accuracy, response time and scalability compared to traditional approaches.

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Benefits of XtractEdge Vision

Increased productivity

High accuracy and reliability

Compliance assurance

Low latency

Robust and scalable system

How we helped our customers

  • A large credit card provider in India used to extract information from ID Cards and validate them, avoiding human errors, processing delays and cost

  • A large bank in Singapore reduced their legal costs by using to read and analyze legal contracts and further advise on risk score, contentious and non-contentious clauses of NDAs

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