Swiftly respond to demand signals and minimize lost sales

There are two key trends driving distribution strategies for Consumer Goods Manufacturers today – the sheer volume of new products being introduced and a sharp increase in consumer preference for online shopping and swift deliveries.

In this new world, where even next-day delivery is too late, order fulfilment, profitably and at speed, while keeping customer experience intact, will be the competitive differentiator.

Taking the order to the inventory

Inventory deployment – to be available when and where the demand can be fulfilled effectively and efficiently – has become as important as getting your forecasting and production plans right. This calls for execution agility – the ability to bridge gaps in forecasting and take the order to where the inventory is – to adjust delivery plans swiftly.


Traditional linear value chains aren’t designed for the new age economy



Complex hierarchies that limit partner reach to one-up, one-down



Rigid supply chains have resulted in persistent out of stocks



Information silos that increase cost, latency, and lost opportunities

Transform your value chains with TradeEdge Network

TradeEdge Network creates opportunities for swift action by connecting businesses in a peer-to-peer network that can respond quickly to product, services, and information needs.

A proven multi-enterprise, over-the-top platform with a global reach, TradeEdge Network enables many-to-many connectivity with its multi-tenant architecture.


Value proposition


CPG companies







Build your private Network or join an existing Network for maximum business growth while protecting your existing investments.

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Value proposition for the enterprise: Execution excellence that drives growth

Capabilities co-created with industry leaders that address the heart of the problem


Sales Growth

Improve top-line by adjusting delivery plans and reducing ‘lost sales’ within the network

<2 days

Market Responsiveness

Address supply and demand shocks better

2 days to 2 hours

Track and trace

Reduce liability and loss by real-time tracking of Inventory movements

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