TradeEdge enables enterprises to simplify, expedite and sustain supply chain partner integrations

Our client, a powerhouse in logistics and warehousing with a presence spanning over 25 countries and hundreds of millions square feet of warehouse space, embarked on a transformative journey. They wanted to redefine their business model, extending their reach to include smaller organizations and claim a greater market share in the booming contract warehousing landscape.

However, due to tightly coupled systems, Point to Point integrations, manual configurations and heavy IT dependencies, causing onboarding delays and hampering the client’s ability to add new services at speed. Hence our client recognized the need for a game-changing solution.

The client selected TradeEdge, a partner equipped with proven technology capabilities, pre-built accelerators and marketplace integrations, and a team with a track record of seamlessly connecting leading organizations with their trade partner networks. The promise was clear: accelerated partner onboarding, provide unified real-time visibility in to business transactions and enhance the overall customer experience.

TradeEdge in Action – The Impact

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