Improve fulfilment performance and revenue realization with TradeEdge Execution Analytics

The changing retail landscape has brought swift execution into sharp focus for manufacturers. An explosion of new products in the last 10 years and COVID-19 pushing over 80% of shoppers to e-commerce, has fragmented demand. These expectations, coupled with shrinking delivery windows require better execution capabilities. Businesses recognizing the challenges ahead are looking at solutions that can help them move towards better supply chain execution.

Execution challenges that derail growth



High variability in short-term demand that is compounded by lack of near-real time demand signals



Excessive manual touch points in the ordering process that increase the order cycle time and cost



Low field representative productivity



Penalties for late deliveries



Lack of visibility into supplier risks

Power up your business with TradeEdge Execution Analytics

Suggested Ordering
Suggested Ordering and Replenishment

What to order: Leverage AI to create a product assortment based on comparable reference points of sale.

How much and when to order: Build an automatic replenishment order basis sales velocity, inventory on hand, order lead times, delivery schedules, promotions, etc.

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Route Planning
Route Planning

What stores to visit: Go beyond logistics efficiency. Improve strike rate of field reps by dynamically identifying stores to visit based on expected order value and current achievement against sales target.

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Go beyond insights and drive action. Optimize execution to drive business growth and improve customer experience with Execution Analytics.

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Get the TradeEdge advantage for your business


Higher order accuracy

Due to auto-order configuration


Lower ordering costs

With automatic order creation that reduces the cost of order acquisition


Significant productivity improvement

Through one-touch ordering


Reduced out-of-stock

Due to better supply risk management


Enhanced field rep efficiency

With dynamic route planning that maximizes strike rate and cross sell/up sell opportunities


Reduced Penalties

Due to better on-time performance

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