Granular visibility and actionable insights that drive business growth

Increasing Supply Chain complexity and evolving consumer behavior has rendered traditional demand planning techniques ineffective. Demand Planners find it hard to drive that perfect balance between surplus and adequate inventories due to lack of visibility to quality demand signals. The need for a Demand Sensing solution is further accentuated due to external forces such as global emergencies, weather trends, economic trends, etc. that shape and reshape demand.

Barriers to Enterprise Growth



Lack of visibility to consumer offtake – long latency and chase required to get trustworthy demand information



Mismatching product hierarchies leading to additional time and resource wastage to harmonize data



Accelerated new product introductions resulting in item proliferation



Fragmented demand signals due to shifts in consumer behavior driven by omni-channel growth

TradeEdge Demand Sensing: An Overview

TradeEdge Demand Sensing solution provides actionable insights by aggregating real-time data about product sales and inventory across multiple channels. Granular visibility into network-wide sales and inventory helps you know what is selling, where and at what speed.

Get Decision-grade Sales Analytics

Get a unified view of sales across channels – traditional trade, modern trade and e-commerce for a more effective measurement and deployment of funds and resources. Identify the extent and intensity of stock-outs, phantom inventories, and display voids.

Increase Forecast Accuracy

Enhance forecast accuracy by handling multiple types of internal and external data sets

Make Promotions more Effective

Evaluate, plan, and optimize promotions. Equip your organization with advanced analytics and simulation tools to measure and fully understand the effectiveness of trade promotions. Make sense of complex and disparate point-of-sale data in relation to contextual factors (seasonality, competition, macro trends, weather etc.) and controllable factors (price, product, customer, channel, marketing, etc.), to deliver a more accurate analysis across multiple metrics such as spend ratio, volume uplift, etc.

Reduce Out-of-stocks

Be more responsive with timely adjustment of replenishment plans. Create a suggested order for a buyer based on different business parameters such as lead time, working capital, inventory snapshot, promotion calendars etc. for optimal ordering.

Optimize functions across the entire spectrum of demand planning with TradeEdge Demand Sensing. Improve accuracy, efficiency, and manage unpredictability to drive business growth.

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Solution Approach


Acquire POS Store-SKU sales and inventory data on Day 2 for Day 1


Harmonize master data using AI/ML in minutes rather than weeks

Data Quality

Project Day 2’s sales using trends on Day 1. Identify and eliminate errors by validating the information within 2 hours

Respond to Consumer Preferences

Ready to use near real time Sales and Inventory information to improve execution and planning

Some powerful benefits delivered to our clients


sales growth by adjusting delivery plans

2 days

Managed unpredictability during COVID-19 spread – limited OOS in NY State for a leading brand to 2 days


Enhanced forecast accuracy using real-time sales inputs (vs. shipment) covering ~70% of global sales


Efficiency – analyze and eliminate out-of-stocks, phantom inventory, and D-voids. Predict likely OOS (e.g., Over weekends)

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