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Next-Generation Collaboration with
Multi-Enterprise Networks

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Forward-looking companies are using multi-enterprise networks to great effect to achieve supply chain resiliency and minimize disruption risk

The supply chain is undergoing a series of seismic shifts. Post-pandemic demand is surging, but supply is stumbling, logistics is backing up, and prices are climbing. There are shortages everywhere, and the root causes are varied. In some cases, historical capacity projections are unable to keep up with actual demand growth. In others, a lack of workers or shipping containers is causing supply disruptions.

Although COVID-19 has made these past 18 months a bumpy ride, it is just the latest and most significant example of the kinds of disruptions the supply chain can expect in the future.

That said, visibility, agility, flexibility, and resiliency are taking on a profoundly more important role for companies large and small.

What’s important

Networks help enable the visibility and agility required for a resilient supply chain.

Supply chain networks enable greater visibility and provide the kinds of collaborative capabilities necessary to be resilient to disruption risk.

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According to IDC, “multi-enterprise supply chain networks are forecast to grow in importance by 18% by 2023.”

– IDC Technology Spotlight

Learn more about the substantial benefits of multi-enterprise supply chain networks.

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