AssistEdge 17.6

AssistEdge RPA 17.6 enables enterprises to adopt cognitive automation through seamless integration with Infosys Nia, Google and Microsoft’s cognitive APIs. AssistEdge cognitive adapters enable language and sentiment analysis which will bring predictive capabilities in the automation process.

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Intelligent Cognitive
AssistEdge 17.6

The four pillars of AssistEdge RPA

AssistEdge RPA is a market leader in the RPA space by revenue and number of bots in service. It is the most stable provider with maximum enterprise implementations. The following four pillars drive its success:

Design Studio
The most comprehensive automation configuration tool with an extremely simple and business friendly user interface
Control Tower
Create bots on demand and view CPU and memory utilization of machines in real time to make the right decisions at the right time
RPA Reports
Get insights on effectiveness of RPA and receive detailed reports on performance by robots, processes and department
Get secure data storage and transmission, flexible and out-of-box AES 256-bit encryption and credential vault integration

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