Powering Connected Automation for the Enterprise

AssistEdge, our connected automation platform, empowers enterprises to seamlessly connect data, processes, and people, to open new horizons for transformation.

Its end-to-end capabilities, that span process discovery, automation blueprinting, RoI calculation, automation studio, and process orchestration, accelerate enterprise-wide automation while infusing intelligence and insights at every step.

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Key capabilities of AssistEdge

Smart Data Capture

Smart Process Discovery

To gain deeper insights on business processes, understand business process workflows, and make informed decisions to fast track automation

Automation Blueprint

Automation Blueprint and RoI

Enables enterprises to track key operational metrics, process performance, and automation ROI

Automation Prioritization


Helps with process documentation, prioritization and seamlessly exporting to the automation studio, all in a few clicks

Interactive Process Visualization

Process Orchestrator

Stitches end-to-end processes by bringing bots, human participation, and AI engines into a single flow

Enterprise-grade Security

Complex Document Processing

Unlocks unstructured data from complex documents using deep learning algorithms

One-click Export for Automation

Low Code / No Code designer

Offers citizen developer friendly tools with contextual guidance, thus democratizing automation

Enterprise-grade Security

Employee Personal Assistance

Empowers employees to automate everyday tasks with contextual assistance

Enterprise-grade Security

API-first Architecture

Seamlessly integrates with the enterprise digital landscape and reduces hardware footprint

How is AssistEdge RPA helping our customers across industries?

Forrester assesses The Total Economic Impact™ of AssistEdge RPA Platform for Royal Phillips

EdgeVerve commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying the EdgeVerve AssistEdge robotic process automation platform. This study explores the impact of a global healthcare technology leader headquartered in Europe, Royal Philips’ RPA journey with the EdgeVerve AssistEdge RPA Platform.

After Investing in AssistEdge RPA, Royal Philips saw a significant impact on the efficiency of their finance operations and realized cost savings, successfully achieving an RoI of 110% and a Net present value (NPV) of $8,716,290.

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Why choose AssistEdge RPA?

40+ patent assets in Automation & AI

Enterprise grade end-to-end automation

1000+ industry use cases

Seamless integration

Flexible deployment models

Highest standards of security and data privacy

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How can enterprises scale their automation journey?

Robotic Process Automation has matured and its adoption has spread. Robotic Process Automation Software automates repetitive, rule-based processes, thus improving the efficiency & productivity of the human worker and reducing errors.

However, enterprises today are wrestling with how to be more strategic with automation. Technologies are available now that can bring together many different capabilities needed for more far-reaching automation. Assembling the right capabilities with the best expertise has broadened the space from RPA to what is often called Intelligent Automation (IA), also sometimes called connected automation or hyper automation.

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EdgeVerve positioned as a Leader in the 2021–2022 IDC MarketScape for Robotic Process Automation Software

“Consider EdgeVerve when value and a comprehensive RPA platform are important, especially supporting an enterprise automation COE. Also consider when IDP is an important part of the total offering.”

– 2021–2022 IDC MarketScape for RPA Software

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