Challenges that impede enterprise-wide automation adoption

Intelligent Automation across enterprises is increasingly becoming core to their business strategy. As enterprises move along the automation maturity curve, many consistent barriers keep them from adopting automation at scale.

Automation disconnected from larger digital transformation goals, limits the potential benefits.

Automation disconnected from each other or implementing automation in silos, prevents synergies and inhibits unlocking its full potential.

Automation disconnected from human capital or limited resources with automation skillset, hinders the adoption of enterprise-wide automation.

Experience Connected Automation with AssistEdge 19.0

AssistEdge 19.0 empowers enterprises to deliver a Connected Automation experience. It addresses disconnects by forging deeper connections between Process, Data, and People.

Stronger connection of Processes through end-to-end process orchestration leveraging workflows and auto-automation.

Deeper connection of Data through contextual data discovery, intelligent document processing, and advanced analytics.

Wider connection of People through low code platforms for citizen developers and enterprise personal automation assistants.

Key capabilities for a connected enterprise automation

Process Orchestrator
Stitches end-to-end processes by bringing bots, human-participation, and AI engines into a single flow, enabling a holistic view of business processes with improved visibility and management.

Discovery-led Auto-Automation
Provides smart process sensing to understand granular process variations, document and prioritize them. These processes are automatically and seamlessly exported for automation in the design studio, all in a few clicks, thus accelerating time-to-value by up to 60%.

Low Code / No Code Designer
Offers citizen developer friendly tools with contextual guidance, thus democratizing automation by empowering every employee to automate. This enables expansion of the automation footprint by over 70%.

Employee Personal Assistance
Empowers employees to automate everyday tasks with contextual assistance, enabling up to 20% reduction in manual efforts with a 3X improvement in employee satisfaction.

Discover New Data
Uncover new process insights and unlock critical business data locked in complex documents using deep learning algorithms for better decision making.

Automation Analytics
Offers data-enriched dashboards that enable enterprises to track key business and operational metrics and actionable insights, including process performance and automation ROI.

An upgraded architecture built around API-first principles
Enables seamless integration with the enterprise digital landscape. Advanced security & reliability are delivered through enhanced PII redaction, out-of-box application monitoring dashboards, alerts on underlying application changes, along with DevSecOps and SDLC automation support.

The AssistEdge 19.0 Connected Automation enables enterprises to:

Scale automation with ease with a low-code, citizen developer friendly automation platform

Connect seamlessly between bots & humans through a robust workflow engine

Maximize enterprise automation potential with end-to-end process visibility & orchestration

Integrate seamlessly with larger enterprise technology landscape through open APIs

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