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TradeEdge Market Connect is an automated two-way data exchange platform that enables the acquisition of sales, order, inventory, invoice or similar information from channel partners and delivers the same to the manufacturers. It can easily scale from acquiring distributor data in emerging markets to point-of-sale data from large modern retailers in developed markets.

The application enables seamless automated data exchange and processing between several trade partners, by providing cleansed, validated, transformed and enriched data for better business decisions, analytics and reporting. TradeEdge Market Connect also tackles data quality challenges by using advanced Machine Learning algorithms for early detection of anomalies for faster resolution.

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Challenges Addressed
  • Poor Channel Visibility

  • Data Latency

  • Data Hierarchy Integration

  • Poor Data Quality and Formats

Market Connect Enables Profitable Growth for Brands

Know your markets better

Reach customers faster

Drive costs lower
Market Connect Simplify


Multiple File Transfer Channels

Multiple File Formats

Data Validation and Transformation

Data Entities

User Interface


Market Connect Expedite


Export/Import Configurations

Copy Configurations

Labelled Dataset




Market Connect Sustain


Alerts and Notification

Data Checks and Audits

Statistical Anomaly Detection

Custom Hook Points

Dashboard and Reports

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