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Businesses across industries are increasingly adopting AI with the pursuit of new opportunities for growth. Nearly half the organizations have begun to leverage at least one AI capability in their business processes. In such a scenario, how do you ensure you stay ahead of your competition? And more importantly, how do you ensure that you stay relevant in a fast-paced world where technology and innovations are aggressively consumed to enable growth?

In this whitepaper, we are covering the ground realities of applying artificial intelligence in the context of a consumer goods value chain. The key to ensuring AI is geared to deliver value for you is in data. Suresh Prahlad – AVP and Lead Product Manager of TradeEdge, covers in detail the obstacles that you may face across Product, Market/Channel and Marketing dimensions across the demand value chain, with insights on how you and your organization can be better prepared in navigating the changing market dynamics. Download the whitepaper to learn more on –

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